Infertility Centre

The Medicity Hospital offers world class infertility treatment with advanced procedures and equipment. Infertility treatment can range from practical lifestyle changes to extended medical procedures - depending on the nature of the problem.

Infertility can be treated with oral or injectable medication, surgery, intrauterine insemination or assisted reproductive technology. Often times these treatments may be combined.

About two-thirds of couples who are treated for infertility are able to have a baby. Infertility is also increasingly being linked to increased work stress, hectic and fast paced imbalanced urban lifestyle, environmental toxins and delayed age at marriage.

There are various treatment options for male and female infertility. After an initial and thorough work-up to determine the cause of your infertility, recommendations are made regarding the appropriate treatment options that would increase your chances of conceiving. The various treatment options are :-

  • Micro-manipulation
  • Freezing of Human Embryos & Gametes
  • Advanced Endoscopic Surgery
  • Reproductive Micro-surgery

Q.   Is infertility just a woman's problem?

A.   No, infertility is not always a woman's problem. In about one-third of cases, infertility is due to the woman (female factors). In another third of cases, infertility is due to the man (male factors).

Q.   What causes infertility in men?

A.   Sometimes a man is born with the problems that affect his sperm. Other times problems start later in life due to illness or injury.